Writing Rules

All manuscripts should be in APA style. For more information please visit https://www.apastyle.org/index?_ga=2.137996208.166321678.1550475108-1778480282.1549615862.  


Title should be compatible with the content, it should be written in bold characters. First letters of the title should be written in capital letters. 


Author Name(s) and Address(es)

The institution(s), communication address, ORCID and e-mail address(es) of the author(s) should be indicated on the first page with footnote.


Abstracts should be around 100-150 words. The abstract should not include references, figures or footnotes. 3-5 keywords should be listed below the abstract.  

Main Text

In the A4 page size (29.7x21 cm.), Times New Roman, 11 font size and 1.15 line spacing should be used. The top 2,5 cm, bottom 2,5 cm, left 2,5 cm, right 2,5 cm space should be left on the page edges and the pages should be numbered. Any statements that the author intends to highlight should be written in italic, or referred with single quotes. 

Section Headings

Headings (normal) and subheadings (italic) should be written in 11 pt. 

Tables and Figures

Tables should be numbered, titled, and prepared for black-white printing.

Tables and figures should be numbered separately.

The table number should be (normal); The name of the table should be written in italics (first letters of the table name should be capital letters). Tables should be located within the text.

Figure numbers and names should be written right below the figure. The figure number should be in italic form, should end with full stop, immediately followed by the name of the figure.

Vertical lines and shading should not be used in the tables.

Fort the mathematical formulas, the author should use (/) instead of horizontal lines.  


Written permission must be obtained from the copyright holder. The author and the owner of the publication right must be indicated in the text.


Footnotes should not be used for referencing, they should only be used for explanatory additional information. Automatic numbering should be made. To illustrate footnotes, in-text reference methods should be used.


Authors should use the APA format for all citations.